What are the new trends for doors and windows this year, what are the best materials to choose in terms of value for money, how do I find an expert who will meet my needs?

These are all questions that come to mind if you have a future project to install or renovate your doors and windows.

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The choice of your doors and windows remains very important because it largely goes into the harmonious layout of your interior.

With the appearance of models with elegant, clean finishes, neutral colors in white and black and an energy-efficient concept that allows the “greenest” people among you to benefit from substantial subsidies, this year everyone will find shoes at his feet,

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Main trends 2021

  • More energetic and therefore less expensive models.
  • Return to nature for the materials used.
  • Dark colors and tones, saturated shades with pastel impulses.
  • Large selection of sophisticated and modern models.
  • Composition of extruded aluminum and black finish.
  • Predominance of vinyl coverings, inexpensive and resistant.
  • A touch of modernity and space saving with the doors and windows mounted on rails.

The choices are varied and defined according to your needs, your budget and your tastes.