How to apply for the Grant for Greener Homes in Quebec.

The government is encouraging Canadians to make their homes more efficient, more comfortable and more affordable by making them more energy efficient. Apart from the ecological side, this initiative was launched to also create new jobs for energy advisers and fight against climate change.

Claim your EnerGuide evaluations before and after renovation 

Up to $ 600 in reimbursement for the cost of pre-renovation and post-renovation assessments.

Both of these assessments are required in order to receive a refund and you will need to complete at least one of the renovations that are both eligible and recommended by your energy advisor in their report to be reimbursed.

Check your eligibility by contacting the experts at PORTES ET FENÊTRES RD.

Eligibility for reimbursement

all products must be purchased in Canada
The products must belong to the list of eligible products
Leave the ENERGY STAR labels until the inspection is complete, after renovation.


A new window can be installed in the existing frame of an old window
Replacement of glass, frame or frameless door is not eligible.
A maximum of $250 will be awarded per gross opening, up to a maximum of $ 5,000.
If you qualify for a grant under the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative, you could receive a total reimbursement of up to $ 5,000 for renovations. You can choose to do more than one renovation, but in any case, the maximum reimbursement will not exceed $ 5,000 in total.

Eligible owners must go through Rénoclimat provincial subsidy program for energy efficient renovations. 

eco reno subvention

grants available under this initiative

  • Replace an oil-fired boiler with a high-efficiency one or heat pump.
  • Replace windows and doors that allow air to pass through.
  • Improve the insulation of the walls, basement or roof.
  • Install a high efficiency water heater.
  • Install solar panels.

Homeowners can therefore receive up to $ 5,600 in total under this initiative, $ 600 for the energy assessment and $ 5,000 for renovations.

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eco reno subvention