If the front door is seen as a useful object of protection in the first place, let’s not forget that today there are many materials and colors to choose from that can add extra charm to your home.

The front door is not just PVC

In recent years, PVC has mainly been used for entrance doors. However, the material changes make this door more beautiful. Therefore, we found that in addition to the classic imported doors or pvc patio doors, there are also aluminum, steel, wood or glass doors. This variety allows you to adjust the choice of doors as you wish, especially to suit the style of the house, especially when buying doors under renovation.

How about a colorful door?
Tired of white carpentry? Switch to color. Nowadays, window and door manufacturers offer a variety of colors. Black, Gray, Blue, Red can adjust the front door color according to your need.

Important criteria when choosing a door

If aesthetics have its rightful place when choosing, know that you must also take into account different functions. Therefore, steel doors have lower thermal insulation, front glass doors have higher thermal insulation, and wooden doors are both safe and thermally insulated.

Remember that when choosing a door, the criteria to take into account are:

  • Material: PVC and aluminum, steel,
  • wood and glass.
  • Color.
  • Function: insulation, brightness,
  • security.
  • Price.