Casement window

The casement is the most appreciated among RD customers thanks to the charm of its stainless steel crank handle and a mechanism with a 90 degree opening angle that offers unparalleled ease of cleaning.


Stainless steel hardware

Our windows meet very strict construction standards. Since the beginning, our workpieces have been made from stainless steel, providing the best durability in the industry. Not to mention an opening angle of up to 90 ° allowing you to easily wash the windows in your home.

Prestige handle

Our unique handle equipped with a state-of-the-art mechanism gives you the ability to open your windows with ease and close them easily for an unbeatable look.

Multipoint technology

Our multi-point security lock protects your family from the thiefs and RD’s enhanced security provides an out-of-competition seal. Everything is engaged under a simple operation of the system.


Regardless of the climate, the swisspacer exceptional insulating properties ensure optimal performance of windows of all shapes, which translates into energy savings. Various colors are available to satisfy your every whim!



Canadian PVC with walls at least 2 mm thick.

Weather stripping

Triple weatherstripping, two of which are in high-quality neoprene, for excellent flexibility to temperature changesThe third weatherstripping is broom type and therefore does not stick to the frame in hot weather, preventing the risk of tearing when opening the window.

Hybrid Technology

With a hybrid frame, the aluminum part is screwed into each corner, ensuring perfect alignment and better long term stability than an unscrewed aluminum floating on PVC.

Blow moulding

The interior frame extensions allow you to respect the total thickness of your wall. Made of a 3/4 inch laminate panel and covered with PVC, screwed into the corners and sealed, they are easy to maintain and very stable. You also have the choice between different types of high-end wood for the interior with RD prestige division.