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Cost of building materials and labor: what to expect in 2022.

Will soaring prices for building materials lead to a drop in housing starts? How many contractors called upon for renovation work have been faced with problems such as delivery times, out-of-stock at the supplier, delays in transport to construction sites, or a low level of local inventory. The materials most affected by supply problems are primarily windows and

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Condensation on your windows? Never again!

Condensation on your windows is a sign of poor insulation quality on your windows! One of the most annoying side effects of winter is the condensation of steam on your windows. If you don’t prepare for it, it can become a cause for concern and, in the long run, the start of many other problems in your daily

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reno eco subvention

Receive a $ 5,000 grant to renovate your home!

How to apply for the Grant for Greener Homes in Quebec. The government is encouraging Canadians to make their homes more efficient, more comfortable and more affordable by making them more energy efficient. Apart from the ecological side, this initiative was launched to also create new jobs for energy advisers and fight against climate change. Claim your EnerGuide

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Door and window trends: Tips and choices

What are the new trends for doors and windows this year, what are the best materials to choose in terms of value for money, how do I find an expert who will meet my needs? These are all questions that come to mind if you have a future project to install or renovate your doors and windows. Are

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The choice of the door requires aesthetic considerations

If the front door is seen as a useful object of protection in the first place, let’s not forget that today there are many materials and colors to choose from that can add extra charm to your home. The front door is not just PVC In recent years, PVC has mainly been used for entrance doors. However, the

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