Guide To get the Reno-Climate Grant easily
1- Before you start your work, make sure you have been at the

2- Fill out the following online document:

3- A Renoclimat evaluator goes to your home to carry out the energy assessment before your home works. Take advantage of his visit to discuss your energy-efficient renovation projects with him.

Your advisor calculates your home’s EnerGuide rating and will send you an evaluation report with energy-efficient recommendations.

Check the fees that apply for this assessment.

Choose from the following climate reviewers:

4- Your work with Doors and Windows RD are REAL!

5- Once you have completed your work, fill out the online appointment application form.

6- If you are eligible and have sent your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Your Quebec Business Number (NEQ), your Renoclimat financial assistance cheque will be mailed to you 10 to 12 weeks after the assessment after your home is completed.

7- Choose from the following climate reviewers: